Is Jesus for me?

Of Jesus it was said that he “came from the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14).

That means that Jesus can give you three things: First, he can show you who God the Father is and why you are here. Second, he will give you unlimited grace. Third, he will give you unlimited truth.

When you accept Jesus, you will first of all experience an enormous amount of acceptance and love. You are loved. You are very important to God. He loves you and is gracious towards you. Second of all, your eyes will be opened to truth. You will see things in a new light and this will bring order into your world. It will help you live life with a perspective larger than you, and larger than this world. Third, meaning will be added to your life – you will know why you are here and what you are to do.

Do you want this? If you do, then pray this simple prayer to Jesus, right here, right now: “Jesus, I want to know you. Please show me who you are, and show me who I am. I want this grace, I want this truth. Today, I accept you. Thank you for accepting me, and making me new. Yes. Amen.”

Now find a church near you, where a message is preached of faith, hope and love. Christianity is a relationship, not a religion. You can always call me at my church (C3 Church Amsterdam), at +31 20 7707153. Just ask for Anne Borkent.

God bless you.


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