Faith releases miracles

Matthew 13:58 And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.

A lot of people ask “why does God not solve this particular need in the world?” The problem with that question is that if God were to move his hand based on need then he would need to do a lot of moving. If you have a need that needs solving, then I also have a need that needs solving. And everyone else has a need. The weather has a need, Europe has a need, Africa has a need… Where does God stop? If God were to intervene in this fashion he would have to recreate the entire world. Which is exactly what will happen. But not yet.

In the present time, God will not move based on need but only on faith. Those who seek him… will be found. Those who draw near to him… he will draw near to them. Those who rely on him… will find grace. Those who believe… will receive answers.

Today, do not just bring your need before him. Seek him. Learn to trust him even more. Grow in faith. And he will grow in you.

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