One standard

The reason the church is so divided these days is there are many different standards that have been set up as the standard to follow. One person claims we should have the standard to celebrate “church” on the Sabbath, the Saturday. Another one says we should have the standard to play classical music in church, but not pop music. When there are many different standards, diffusion will cause God’s vision to become blurred.

Numbers 2:34 says that “the Israelites did everything the Lord commanded Moses; that is the way they encamped under their standards, and that is the way they set out, each of them with their clan and family.”

The Israelites had one standard, and one way they followed. United together, they were all under the same blessing, the same leadership, following the same way.

There is only one Way that will save mankind. The way of Jesus Christ himself. As long as we unite to follow that standard alone, and set out in that direction together by letting non-essential matters remain at rest, God will be able to do mighty things through the church. Let’s not divide and conquer, let us unite and conquer.

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