The unusual usual stuff

Acts 14:1 At Iconium Paul and Barnabas went as usual into the Jewish synagogue.

Some things in life are much easier when you do them “as usual”.

You don’t have to think about whether you brush your teeth before bed time, because you do it “as usual”. You do not pray about whether to have breakfast or not; you have it as usual.

It is good to have “as usual” spiritual habits too. You get up in the morning and you pray, “as usual”. You go to church on Sunday as usual. This will save you energy in having to make a decision (it’s already made! See also this blog on “Predetermined Decisions”). It will also ensure you are getting the spiritual food and exercise that will help you grow.

Doing things as usual does not mean you will have “the usual” experience. Paul and Barnabas experienced some very unusual things after they entered the synagogue that day, to the point of Paul being stoned to death and later raised to life (read Acts chapter 14).

The unusual will follow those who do things as usual!

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