Miracles and faith

Miracles in and of itself do not create faith. People have seen the dead raised, the blind healed and the lame walk, yet they have found excuses not to believe. Now that takes faith!

John 12:37 Even after Jesus had done all these miraculous signs in their presence, they still would not believe in him.

It is amazing that the very people who had Jesus in their midst, would not believe in him. Even his own family did (in the beginning) not believe in him. The people in John 12 heard a voice from heaven (vs. 28) yet they thought it was ‘just thunder’. Anything can be explained away.

The only thing that will help us believe in him is when our (spiritual) eyes are opened. The only person who can open our eyes is the Holy Spirit. The only way that happens is by an act of grace, often released by prayer.

When we want the people around us to ‘believe’ the best thing we really can do is to pray for their eyes to be opened. Some might be drawn or even convinced by ‘the miracles’ but there are always those who won’t believe based only on miracles.

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