Why you pray (Prayer #3)

God does not need us to pray. We need us to pray. God is doing fine. He’s in heaven. He’s got all he needs. We are on the earth. We do not have all we need. Here is why we pray: to get heaven to earth.

Luke 11:2 “When you pray, say: … your kingdom come.
– May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven -“

God’s will is done in heaven. There is goodness, peace, joy, health, and fulfillment in heaven. Jesus’ prayer is that God’s will may also be done on earth. “Your kingdom come” simply means that slowly but surely, the reign of heaven will invade earth. The joy, the peace, the life, the faith, the hope, the love. Increasing like yeast in dough, or like a mustard seed sprouting from the ground.

We need to pray this, in order for it to be done. The church is the greatest vehicle where corporate prayer will bring heaven to earth. Miracles will be seen, hope found, kingdom come.

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