Respect Authority

Romans 13:1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.

There is a revelation in this. Paul was saying that every authority on earth has been established by God. Now some of us might not be happy with the authorities that are over us. “But you don’t know my mom” or “the government doesn’t take care of us” are complaints that can seem to warrant rebellion towards authority.

But let’s realize the kind of government Paul is actually talking about here. Most of us would rather have our government than the Romans: they were war-faring, cruel persecutors of Christians! And yet Paul is saying: respect their authority. Respect the position they have. If you do that, God will bless you.

We see this all through the Bible. Jesus respected the Romans. David respected King Saul and said “do not touch the Lord’s anointed”, even though he had plenty of opportunity to harm him.

Today, let’s choose to respect. If we honor, we will be honored in return.

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2 Responses to Respect Authority

  1. dan says:

    Nice sell! (“new intriguing blog post” = blog post I’ve just written)!

    Challenging stuff that verse. I had a really tough time with it with a manager at my old job a couple of years ago. Took me a long time to realise that the respect we accord to those in authority over us is not a result of their own merit or worthiness, but is a reverence for their having been put in that position of authority by God. Even now when I think about that abrasive guy I have trouble imagining how I could respect and submit to him, but that’s what God commanded, and I learnt from it!

    Hey, great blog. Subscribing now. I have a Christian one too, if you’re interested. .

    • Anne Borkent says:

      Hi Dan, good to hear – so you’re running 2 blogs? Impressive. Subscribed to yours today, and let’s keep inspiring each other with great “sell lines”. 🙂
      PS. Noah was born 26-7-2010…

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